2011 Resolutions – get them to manifest in your life with simple changes in your thinking

Have you ever heard of the saying, “seeing is believing”?  I have recently been trying just the opposite;  believing first then seeing it!  Believing then Seeing is my New Years Resolution for 2011.  What an awesome way of manifesting things into your life.  If you have made resolutions in the past and then as the days of weeks pass by and you have forgotten them, try first to believe it as already happened and then expect that you will see it.  This is one of the tools top earners and entrepreneurs from around the world have had success. Listen in as they share and discuss exactly what you can do to have your 2011 resolutions actually manifest in your life!

Leader and Peak Performer Drew Innes hosts a discussion on the principles of Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich. Drew speaks on the importance of personal development and how it has translated into their financial success. Listen in as they conduct a masterminding session based on the thoughts of top entrepreneurs from around the world.

Cklick here to listen now Change your thinking to attract wealth in 2011

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