What is happening to home sales and realtors?

We were curious about the market and what homes sales were doing.

We decided to put our house on the market and find out what we could get. We know that we would love to move to a better home that costs less. We wanted to know what was going on in our area with home sales.

We chose a local realtor that we have used to purchase and sell homes with before to keep things easy. We used a listing price that would just get us what we actually owed on the mortgage which was of course against the realtors advice. Just as the realtor had advised, but that we were hoping would not happen. We got zero showings and therefore no offers. A few years ago when we bought the house the market was extremly inflated. Now we will have to wait it out and see what will become of home sales in the future.

So we let the listing expire and since then we have had realtors scratching at the door! Realtors are not just calling but are stopping by our home. We have realtors coming by and asking to chit chat. They leave fllyers in the doorjam and deliver cards and brochures. Is this what real estate sales has become – door to door sales?

I have never experienced anything like this in the years of buying and selling homes. Just another sign that the housing market and home sales in general have totally changed and real estate is a very different game today. Maybe the business of real estate has changed so much that it is now envoking a elemarketing “hounding” mindset in some. I hope not!

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