About Kirsten

I would have never thought I would be running a global business from home.  I’ve always been the skeptic when it came to how a business actually made a profit but was good at working my tail off for someone else.  

My husband and I started our family and shortly after I was on the search for a real way to make my family my number one priority without sacrificing my happiness, time with each ohter or our income.  My husband and I wanted more abundance in our life and the freedom to do the things we enjoy.  We love that we are living our lives with joy and a renewed sense of hope for the future of our family.

I knew I found a real vehicle for us when I saw the support, the training, the profit structure, and the truly amazing marketing tools that were available for us here.  You see we had always wanted our own business for all the obvious financial benefits – but knew about all the high pressure, high price tag and endless hours that come with traditional business ownership.  

We follow a simple direct sales business model designed by a company with amazing integrity.  People from all backgrounds who truly want a business can achieve the life that makes them happy.  Only a small amount of working capital was needed for us to get started making money right away.  The simplicity and turnkey system made it easy for us to see that this was a business we really could do and would have predictable results. With the option to leverage our time and money at even higher profit levels, we are in the process of creating leveraged residual income for life – truly the life of our dreams.

We have an empowered feeling and sense of purpose with our business because we are helping others.   In this uncertain time we get to feel amazing gratitude that we are helping to make our world better. We will never have to go back to our old lives. 

Ask yourself what YOU want in your life.  No matter what stage of life you are in or what level of income you are used to, if you have strong desire and the right vehicle you CAN create the life you really want even in this economy.  f you consider yourself serious about being a successful entrepreneur and are ready to take strategic action we may have a fit for you.  We have the mentorship and training you need.  Just believe in yourself and make an appointment with your dream life! 

My husband and I both have met all the leaders in this company as well as the founders and each one have their own story about why they chose free enterprise. Alot of these true life stories still touch and inspire us.

Go here to opt in for more information and receive a FREE 3 part audio entittled “RESET YOUR LIFE”http://mirrorimage-marketing.info

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